Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I used to watch Charmed every day.  I got bored with it.  Amazingly there are still some episodes I haven't seen.

Anyway, what's the deal with this show?

There are demons, who are "evil" but supposedly don't have free will, so then it's not really their fault that they do bad things, right?  Really, they are totally innocent pawns.  Yet there's an episode where Piper tortures a demon.  The demons supposedly don't have souls, yet they often express a desire to keep living.  A demon falls in love, a demon sacrifices his life to save his half-brother (who is half demon and half human), a demon asks to be turned human because she wants to experience "good" and "feelings".  The demons supposedly get their power and take their orders from a thing called "the source of all evil".  The source can be killed, but then a different demon becomes the new source.  None of this makes any sense!!

There are these people called elders.  They're like angels or something.  But they're not like the opposite of demons.  They don't fight the demons.  Instead, they turn dead people into these things called whitelighters, and then send the whitelighters to liase with certain humans who are witches, to give the witches vague instructions about how to fight the demons.  Demons are evil, elders are good, and they are battling over humans.  Why can't the elders just go and destroy the demons themselves?  I don't know.

Humans are not considered to be good or evil.  They're called innocents.  They can be swayed by good or evil.  If a human kills another human, that's not evil, and the witches are not allowed to use their powers to kill the murderer.  If a witch uses their powers to "punish the guilty" rather than "protect the innocent", then the witch turns evil.  But if a demon kills a human, the witches can totally kill the demon.  Even though demons have no free will and are just pawns of "the source" or whatever.  Also, a demon doesn't even have to have done anything wrong to merit being killed.  It just has to exist, and then if a witch sees them, they get dead.

They also make references to a "god".  A god that is greater than the elders.  Whatever.  This show makes no sense.

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