Thursday, June 21, 2012

Human meat.

I've been eating way less meat than I used to.  I used to eat like 4 chicken sandwiches in one day.  With bacon.  So, it's good that I'm not doing that anymore, right.  But sometimes I eat meat still because it's delicious and everyone around me is eating meat all the time.  But at least I'm eating less of it....

Then I thought, what if there's a person who is a serial killer and then they decide that instead of killing once a month, they'll just kill once a year.  But they can't give it up completely because killing gives them some serious pleasure, or alleviates some serious pain they have.  Would I think, "Oh how good that you only kill once a year."?  No, I wouldn't.  I would say they should do anything they have to to avoid killing.  Like, take pills for whatever mental problem you have or whatever, go to counseling, commit yourself to an institution.

Then I thought, what if a person lived in a society were it was normal to eat human meat?  And then they started thinking that maybe it was wrong.  But their family kept eating human meat, and all their favorite foods had human meat in it.  They would make their own version of the food without meat, but it wasn't the same.  And everyone else was eating the human meat, and enjoying it, and they wanted that feeling, and they wanted to be included, and that human was already dead anyway, so what does it hurt.

That was the emotional convincing I needed.  It doesn't matter how yummy hamburgers are (and they are seriously yummy); it's damned evil to eat one.  (One that was brutally killed anyway.  If an animal died of natural causes, then maybe it would be ok to eat it.  Whatever.)  At least I can remember what they tasted like.

I feel a little disturbed by the fact that I'm holding onto the memory of eating a hamburger.  I would definitely not want to be friends with someone who cherished the memory of imprisoning and then murdering a human, or of eating human meat that was ill-gotten.  But that's what I have to do for now.  And I think it's pretty good progress.

I thought of this on saturday, I think.  I went to a restaurant on sunday for foothor's doo, and I accidentally ate meat because even though I said I didn't want any meat on my food, the waiter apparently didn't understand.  I haven't eat any meat since then, a whole awesome 3 days.  I have been eating milk and eggs but seriously I don't intend for that to be long-term.  I'm working on it.